To add the recipients address please use the shipping address section during checkout.

The reason we have chosen to price our gift card amounts with so many different options is because unlike regular gift cards that offer generalized amounts (ex. $50,$100) these gift cards are typically associated with stores that offer a wide arrange of products at different pricing and allows for you to keep balances and reuse the card.

Belamour blankets only offers one product at three different prices and during checkout additional costs do apply such as shipping and taxes and will be included in the final price.

Our intention is to give you the option to include shipping and taxes in your gift card amount so the recipient does not have to incur those costs. We also want to avoid balances remaining on gift cards that will never be used.

Let’s say for example, you decided to purchase a gift card that will cover the cost of a $59 blanket. However, the recipient decides on a $49 blanket instead, the remaining balance on that card will be returned to you.

Belamour blankets are wrapped with a ribbon and placed in a Belamour bag.